About Voices from the Heart

Mary Aikenhead Ministries carries on the education, health and community service works established by the Sisters of Charity of Australia. Faithful to the Sisters’ traditions, these works are inspired by a commitment to deep discernment of the needs of the most marginalised and forgotten wherever they may be found. What springs from this are courageous and audacious actions from generous and open hearts. The story we share as members of this wonderful tradition is found in the many voices from the heart which have spoken to us; calling us to advocacy, to action, to discovering new ways of being and doing. As always, they are voices of partnership with the wider Church and society, conversations about ways that the loving presence of God can be brought to all.

At the centre of these conversations is the quiet and yet insistent voice of God calling us to our true vocation, to be people alive with the joy of the Gospel and filled with the Holy Spirit. As you move through this App it is our hope that your heart will be touched by the voices of the many and varied people who work in our ministries; who every day take up the challenge of bringing to life the values of love, hope, compassion and justice.

Trustees of Mary Aikenhead Ministries